Get Involved at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

360auburnrec01The Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center is one of the greatest assets to Auburn University’s campus. Students get access to all the amenities the recreation center has to offer.

However, many new students are unaware of all the opportunities the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center offers when they first arrive to campus.

The recreation center offers more than just exercise machines and dumbbells. In addition to the amenities such as the basketball courts, hot tub, and swimming pool, the recreation center offers services to members to get more involved.

The main services offered by the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center are personal training, group fitness classes, intramural/club sports and Auburn Outdoors.


Personal training is the perfect chance to get an individualized fitness program shaped to your goals and needs. “The trainers are always so energetic and passionate about what they’re helping us do when we workout and they always make it fun and empowering! Own your own body and your workout! It’s okay to be tired,” said Auburn student Ammouri Lang.

Auburn student, Kae Henderson said,” “The trainers really challenge you to reach limits you didn’t think you could before.”


Group Fitness is another form of services offered to Auburn students if they purchase a Group Fit Pass for $50 a semester.

The Auburn Recreational and Wellness Group Fitness Assistant Director said, “Group Fitness is an excellent way to meet new people and develop healthy habits while attending fun fitness classes with your peers! The majority of our classes are taught by student instructors, so if fitness is your passion, we offer in-house training and teaching experience. We offer a wide variety and over 120 classes per week so there’s something for everyone! A few of the favorites are: Tigerpump, Butts & Guts, Turbokick, Zumba, Yoga, Insanity, Night Cycle, and Barre Essentials. A Group Fit pass is required for unlimited access to all classes, but each semester we offer a few sample classes for free. Being a part of the Group Fitness program is a great experience, just ask 1 of our 65 student instructors.”

Ashley Archer said, “I bought the fitness class pass my freshman year and it has been so beneficial in holding me accountable to exercise. All I have to do is show up and the workout plan is already made for me. Plus, It’s so fun to do with friends!” about her Auburn Recreation group fitness experience.

Intramural and club sports are another opportunity to get involved through the recreation center. The intramural sports allow for a more casual dedication to the sport and competitions are held within the university. The club sports offer more dedicated practice times and club sports compete outside the university.

Students can find their niche in intramural and club sports. Auburn University Swim Club Vice Presi

dent, Tori Herron said, “I’m thankful I got involved with club sports because that’s how I met many of my closest friends. It’s great to be able to continue my sport throughout college as well.”

Lastly, the Auburn Recreation Center offers a program called Auburn Outdoors which provides outdoor recreation trips and events.


Bradleigh Mobley said, “I started going to the rock wall and meeting people through Auburn Outdoors and just found a community I really clicked with. I really enjoy to be active and outdoors!”

The Auburn Recreational and Wellness center offers many ways to get involved at Auburn University through fitness. Take the time to explore what it has to offer.

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