Last Spring Break Ever!

spring break

With this being my last Spring semester as a college student, this will be my last spring break ever before I head into the work force. Therefore, my main goal for my last spring break will be to make it as memorable and fun as possible. I want to go out with a bang!

I used a Public Relations plan to organize my last spring break plans. This plan first starts with a goal. In order to meet my goal, I must set some objectives to know I have met my goal! My objectives must be a measurable indicator of my goal.



  • To get cute pictures along the trip by the end of the trip: If I get some pictures from the trip then, I will be able to look back on the trip and make it memorable.


  • To meet new people/make new friends by the end of the trip: When you make new friends on a trip, it is a new relationship you come away with. You will remember the trip specifically and meeting that person in your life. I am going on a trip with four other girls and I do not know two of them. So I am bound to at least make new friends there and in addition to anyone else we are visiting this trip!


  • To get good food and drinks with friends on the trip: This will help in reaching the fun part of my goal


  • To do active activities throughout the trip: In order to make the trip fun, I need to do active activities that involve being outdoors! This will be an easy objective to meet considering most of my spring break will be spent enjoying the outdoors and doing activities! We will be spending time on the beach, at Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and on a boat!


Next I laid out some strategies to act as the communication vehicles to achieve my objectives. The strategies act as an action plan to implementing my overall goal and objectives.

Then with each strategy there is a tactic. The tactics are the specific tasks that must be accomplished to achieve a stated objective. They are the specifics and the action of the plan.

Here, I laid out the strategies and tactics to each objective for my spring break trip.

Strategies & Tactics:

Objective: To get cute pictures along the trip by the end of the trip

  • Strategy: Go places with good backgrounds for photos
  • Tactic: Bring a nice iPhone camera or actual camera for photos
  • Tactic: Bring cute outfits for photos

Objective: To meet new people/make new friends by the end of the trip

  • Strategy: Talk with people you don’t know
  • Tactic: Keep an open mind
  • Tactic: Stay in contact with the people you meet

Objective: To get drinks with friends on the trip

  • Strategy: Research and go to restaurants and bars that are known for being popular among tourists
  • Tactic: Order specialty drinks and popular food items

Objective: To do active activities throughout the trip

  • Strategy: Visit tourist attractions 
  • Tactic: Visit Busch Gardens
  • Tactic: Visit Universal Orlando
  • Tactic: Visit Animal Kingdom


I can’t wait to see this PR plan through! Happy Spring Break!


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