To: Freshman Me


I am now a senior in college and this summer will be my last semester in college. It was weird to even type that and it is honestly hard to accept that next semester will be my last semester of college. I am going to complete a paid internship with the Auburn Recreation and Wellness center for course credit and take a few online classes this summer. Then I will be able to graduate. Therefore, this summer will officially be my last time living in Auburn, Alabama. I will be taking in all of Auburn and my college experience this summer and getting to closure and acceptance of my impending graduation and move from Auburn.


Looking back on my years in college, I feel as if I have grown so much as a person. As a freshman I really didn’t have an idea of what college would be like. When I first started, I was at Kennesaw State University. There I found a small community of the people who lived on campus as friends and started my core classes. Core classes to me did not seem that different from my high school classes. I had taken AP courses and my high school I graduated from operates on a block schedule system. This system is very similar to college semesters where you complete an entire course in one semester. I cruised through my core classes without exerting much effort to have to get good grades and succeed. At this point I still didn’t understand how college was different from high school.


When I started with my journalism classes and entered my major I finally saw a difference in high school and college. I learned a new skill and how to write for news in my journalism classes. This gave me interviewing skills and better people skills. Then when I started my Public Relations classes, I started to learn even more skills to start a career. I learned how to write different types of public relations pieces of writing, do a research report for a client with a group and create a campaign for a client with a group. In addition to being able to add these projects to my public relations portfolio, I created other content using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Photoshop. We also had practice writing for deadlines and for an editor by writing for two clients: Auburn Family and Extension Daily. The skills I have learned in writing and programs allowed me to talk in an interview for an internship about my experience. My major courses are the courses that have really prepared me for my career in both the skill and the portfolio and resume building incorporated into the major. Once I have graduated I will have a portfolio of my work that I did not have prior to beginning my major, an experience from the major required internship and an online portfolio and resume from my final major project.


Now I finally see the difference between high school and college. Throughout college I have learned to trust in God’s plan and work hard for what I want. During high school and my core classes, I did not have to try to succeed. Classes came easily. However, when I started my major classes I had to learn programs and skills that I had no knowledge of before. This was not something that came easily especially learning how to code and is something I had to dedicate my time towards. Core classes are more about learning general information and theory and major courses are more dedicated toward actually the practice of skills.

IMG_2191-2 copy.jpg

In trusting God’s plan, I learned that coming to Auburn is actually something that was good for me. My parents actually forced me to transfer to Auburn University and I was at first upset to leave my friends and comfortability in Kennesaw. But my time at Auburn University has led to me to have many rewarding experiences. If I could go back in time I would tell myself not to be upset about transferring and not fear change. I used to always fear change but now I am trying to embrace it.


Also freshmen year of college I was an Exercise and Health Science major. But I soon learned that I struggle more in math and science classes. My strengths really are in my writing skills. It was my passion for fitness that motivated me to want to be an Exercise and Health Science major. I changed my major to Public Relations after to my transfer at Auburn University to Public Relations. I am now thankful I found the right major that fits me. I would have never found that fit if I did not change majors. Again at this time in my life I would tell myself not to fear change and that it will all work out in the end.


All the steps I have taken throughout my college experience have all led me to where I am now and I am thankful to be here. Change isn’t so scary afterall.


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