My Top 8 MUST-HAVE Makeup Items!


Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

This is a product that if anyone knows me, they know I swear by! I use it morning and night religiously and even sometimes before going out. This plumper has not only temporary but also longterm effects. I have noticed my lip size increase since I started regular usage of this product.

When you first start using it, you may experience mild discomfort and a burning feeling but if you are looking for a Kylie Jenner pout, it’s worth pushing through the pain!

This plumper has a glossy smooth finish and sweet taste and smell. Worth the investment!

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme



Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

This concealer is the holy grail of all concealers. No joke, It can pretty much cover anything. It works really great for contouring. I use mine to not only spot cover area of my skin but to also contour the light parts of my face. A little pricey but it lasts a good amount of time. Also, with this product a little bit goes a long way. Therefore, there is no need to put to but one dot in certain areas of your face to get larger amounts of coverage.

Tarte Concealer




L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

When I discovered this mascara, my life truly changed. Seriously, the length it gives to your lashes is ridiculous. I always make sure to stay stocked on this mascara. It is good for both top and bottom lashes! Plus, it is pretty cheap compared to other high end brands so you can’t complain there either.

Telescopic Mascara



Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kits

Any girl (or guy) who knows anything about contouring knows about the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kits. Whether you pick the powder or cream kit, you can’t go wrong! If you want a natural contour, then I would recommend the powder contour kit. But if you like the more dramatic contour look, then I would try the cream kit! I use both in my daily make up routine!


Cream Kit


Powder Kit



L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

I use this foundation towards the end of my make up routine as a bronzer and a highlighter. I put it on my cheeks, nose and chin area of my face. It gives a good natural glow to your face. I wouldn’t recommend using this as your sole foundation though unless you are not concerned with its lack of full coverage. However, the color and natural glow it gives you is perfect for finishing a look!

Lumi Cushion



NYX Matte Liquid Liner

This formula goes on extremely smoothly. The brush at the end really gives you freedom to work with the product. This eyeliner is perfect for doing winged liner. It comes in matte and vinyl but I prefer the matte finish. This liner also won’t break the bank!

NYX Liner



Matte Makeup Setting Spray

Setting spray is a must for making your make up last throughout the day/night! I just use the Ulta brand because it is cheap and works well!

Makeup Setting Spray



Now you know It wouldn’t be my makeup favorites without giving a shoutout to the Queen! I love Kylie & am obsessed with any of her products that I’ve gotten my hands on! That being said, my favorite shade right now of hers that I have is Koko K. It is a really natural, pretty, pink shade. If you have a skin color similar to me then it should compliment your tones correctly. If you want to opt the cheap route and not buy the entire lip kit, her liners alone are beautiful and will do the job!

Kit $29

Liner $17



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