My Internship with Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center

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As an intern at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center, I have already learned so many new skills and gained pertinent experience. I have been working a variety of recruiting events including War Eagle Day for prospective students, Camp War Eagle for incoming freshmen and SOS for transfer students. I learned the set up and take down for the table as well as all the knowledge I need to answer questions. We give out promotional items and ask that students follow us on social media in return. My boss has shown me how to be assertive and outgoing in running promotions. I have had a fun time being able to introduce new students and alumni to this amazing facility!

The amount of information I have learned through working events is incredible. The easiest way to learn is through repetition. I listened and observed my team members who have worked there longer and have learned the answers to many questions I did not know. It is pretty easy to catch on and it feels great to be knowledgeable enough to have all the answers about the company you represent.

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I also have learned a great deal about running social media accounts and what goes into posting for a business. We use Trello as a visual board and to brainstorm ideas for potential articles or social media posts. We also use AgoraPlus to schedule social media posts and make sure that promotions are run at the right times. Often times, I help out with making the daily Snapchats for the Rec as well as helping with any photoshoots for other social media accounts. Sometimes we go off site for certain photoshoots, it just depends. One day we went to Town Center Park and took yoga pose photos for a Be Well article.

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Be Well is the online magazine/blog publication for the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center. I have been assigned to be a writer for the Be Well magazine. For my first article I brainstormed about 30 ideas and showed them to my editor. We then took that list and shortened it down to a list of potential story ideas. After narrowing the list down to a top 3, we had another team member pick what story idea sounded the most interesting to them. The article topic was a top list of fitness/health and wellness YouTube accounts to follow. For my article, I spent a lot of time going through different types of YouTube accounts and evaluating them based off of certain requirements I had. The research took a good amount of time but it was fun to do! After, I wrote the first rough draft of my article and sent it to my editor to be approved. I am currently waiting to get my rough draft back to edit it and am working on a list of new potential story ideas.

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I have also been assigned a Marketing Academy course which I work on anytime I have free time. The course is through and is over 48 hours of required training. We use the site teamwork to assign tasks to individuals. I have been assigned the Marketing Academy course through Teamwork. The Marketing Academy course consists of 8 modules: Copywriting, Social Media, Public Relations, Design, Photography, Videography, Marketing and Grammar Fundamentals. I am currently working on the Design module and just finished learning about Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. These courses and Marketing Academy help me to learn the necessary skills I need to work a public relations or marketing position. They are helpful and allow me to use programs and learn skills in different areas!

By the end of this internship, I hope to have set a solid foundation of skills for me to expand on. The things I am learning now are helping prepare me in the future for a more permanent position somewhere. I also plan to have more of my writing published prior to the end of my internship with the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center. I am so thankful I was given this position. I truly enjoy going to work every day and promoting something I love! I am excited for what the rest of this internship has in store!


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