Summer Health & Fitness Goals to Make


Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of any extra free time you have to better yourself. The best way to start is to create a list of health and fitness goals. The key is to stay disciplined enough to reach these goals! By the end of the summer you will feel healthy and refreshed for the fall! Here is a list of health and fitness goals I created for myself.

Cut out the junk food

It’s easy to automatically reach your hand for some chips while you’re lounging by the pool. But try to think of your body as a temple and be more conscious of what you are putting into it. Next time, pack health nuts or fruit as a snack! It’s easy to stick to this plan by cutting the amount of times you eat out and replace that with buying healthy options at the grocery store.

Get more sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep will not only elevate your mood but will improve your overall health as well. A good night’s sleep will keep your immune system up and give you sustainable energy for the day! Although with work and stress it can be hard to get the right amount of sleep, you should still try to get about 7 hours of sleep!


Try a workout class

There are so many different ways to change up your workout routine. We can quickly get stuck in the same routine and not make any new progress. This is not only unproductive but also boring!

Try looking up where group fitness classes like zumba, spin or pilates classes are offered near you. This way you can be in a new environment and meet new people! If you’re just trying to get a quick workout in, you can even look up group fit workout videos on youtube!

Start meditating

Try meditating! It may sound crazy or feel weird at first but the benefits are so worth it. Everyone deserves time to be able to step back from their busy schedule and take a breather. The best way to get started mediating would be to try the app Headspace. It allows you to learn meditation techniques on your own. Just taking a few moments out of your day can really make the difference.


Practice yoga weekly

Yoga is beneficial in toning, relaxing and restoring the body. It can help you sculpt your body and focus on balance and core strength. My favorite time to do yoga is in the early morning or right before bed! I keep a mat in my room for convenience!

Set running goals

We may not all be able to tackle the IronMan but that doesn’t mean you can’t set goals for your own body! You have to start with small goals such as just running one mile everyday without stopping. Then from there you add more distance every time! Within no time you will be running farther than you could have ever imagined!


Eat more fruits and veggies

Not only are fruits and veggies in season during the summer but they are also the perfect snack to cool off from the heat. A fresh spinach salad topped with fruit is a delicious treat on a summer’s day! You can even satisfy all your sweet cravings easily with a bowl of fruit or quick smoothie.

Spend more time outside

It’s hard not to want to spend time outside when the weather is so amazing! Don’t miss out on these sunny days to take a hike, go to the park, take a bike ride or splash in the pool! Make an effort to embrace the outdoors as much as you can all summer long!


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